Propelland, along with clients and friends, have been in a race against the clock to design, create and convert the available “ambu bag ventilators” into autonomous ventilators. VentAID aims to be present in hospitals as needed in a matter of weeks thanks to its simplicity, ease and speed of construction

What is the Vent Aid assistant?

VentAID is made of steel and can be easily assembled with screws, making it more durable and easier to clean and transport. We have worked to keep the size as small as possible so that it is easy to move and locate near patients during their treatment.


Currently we have an 100% functional prototype along with files containing the source code, plans and list of materials, so that anyone around the world can take them and create their own. We continue working to improve the first versions and we will publish our progress.







Want to help?

We invite the world to hack us as we are working to develop as many units as possible to help deal with the ventilator shortage situation. This is why we are making our work open source, so that anyone can take it and replicate it in their city as needed. If you are interested, please feel free to download the VentAID files and specifications and send us an email to the addresses listed below, we will happily assist you. 

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